सिमुलतला, जमुई (Simultala) – Jamui

Raja Bari, SImultala, Jamui

Simultala (Telwa Bazar) is a small town and a hill station in Jamui district of Bihar in India. Simultala is also known as Mini Shimla of Bihar. It is an undeveloped rural area, and a perfect place for tourists looking for a quiet place with a pleasant climate. The weather of Simultala is healthy and if you want to spend near the nature, Simultala is the best place to visit. In the past, people used to stay here for months. These days, tourist stay for many days only to enjoy the natural beauty of Simultala again. Simultala is also called mini Shimla of India.

Dulari Bhawan, Simultala, Jamui

It is an ideal spot for Night Sky Observation and Nature Study. It is still a virgin country with valleys. hillocks, brooks and rivulets.Here you get tranquility, solitude and peace seldom found else where. The sound of silence, the far bigger sky dotted with innumerable twinkling stars and the pristine settings makes one go back to the nosta…

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जमुई एवं आसपास के पर्यटन स्थल (Jamui Tourist Places)

Lachhuar Jain Temple, Jamui

Jain Mandir Lachhuar: This is a large and old rest house (dharmsala) of 65 rooms constructed for the Jain pilgrims. There is a Mandir of Lord Mahavira inside the dhamsala. The idol in this temple is more than 2,600 years old. This black stone idol is of weighs around 250 kg. This is situated on the way of Kshatriya Kund Gram, the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. This place is located in Sikandra Block which is about 20 km west from Jamui District Headquarter.

Jhumraj Sthan, Batiya: there is temple of Baba jhumraj located in Batiya (under Sono police station) which is about almost 50 km from Jamui and 55 km from Deoghar..this is one of the most famous temple and crowded temple in Bihar ..where people gathering for their wish and offering male goat as a oblation. Ujju ULA

Mahaveer Vatika Eco Park

Chandrashekhar Singh Sangrahalaya, Jamui

Chandrashekhar Singh Sangrahalaya founded on 16 March 1983.Total numbe…

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शाह शुजा का महल, राजमहल (Palace of Shah Suja) – Rajmahal

The Palace of Shah Suja, who was the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan, is located in Rajmahal and most of its structure is in the form of ruins only. Singhi Dalan, which offers the most spectacular view of the Ganges, continues to be the most important structure in Rajmahal and the only well maintained part of Shah Shuja’s palace complex.

In the palace ruins we can still see three large rooms that are open on all sides, which give us an idea of the past grandeur of the palace.

Singhi Dalan, the remaining portion of Shah Suja's Palace, Rajmahal

The central chamber is the most interesting and has black marble arches that are supported on 12-sided pillars and covered with a vaulted roof.

Adjacent to the Sangi Dalan, is the Rajmahal police station built on top of a large hall, which has a very interesting history. It is said that mounted horsemen hid in this hall and when given a  signal, would race through its arched halls and rooms to …

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अकबरी मस्जिद, राजमहल (Akbari Masjid) – Rajmahal

Quite close to the Sanghi Dalan is the Akbari Mosque, built in 1556, it is one of the oldest mosque of India built during Akbar period. It is believed that first namaz was offered here by Great Mughal Emperor Akbar himself. It is a well maintained mosque where many muslims come to offer namaz.

Akbari Masjid, Rajmahal

This mosque is completely made up of Bricks by using lime and surkhi. This huge mosque is a representation of Mughal era architecture and the impact of the Indian blend in Mughal art. Windows are said to have been added later to the mosque’s Mihrabs, to create a British dispensary inside the mosque. The dispensary operated till 1912, after which the mosque was restored to its original architectural shape.

The road from Rajmahal through Bhagalpur and Sahibgunj, runs westward from the Akbari mosque and offers many interesting places worth seeing.

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जामी मस्ज़िद, राजमहल (Jami Mosque / Hadafe Mosque) – Rajmahal

Jami Masjid, Rajmahal

The Jami Mosque (Lat. 250 04‘ 29’’ N., Long. - 870 46’ 46’’ E.) is located at Mangalhat, 7 km from Rajmahal and about 32 km from the district headquarter Sahibganj and about 480 km from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. Jami Mosque was built in the last quarter of the 16th century AD by Raja Mansingh, the Governor of Emperor Akbar.

Jami Masjid, Rajmahal

It is situated on a high land known as “Hadaf" which is an Arabic term that means the target of Archery butts. Hadaf was part of Rajmahal township where the capital was shifted in 1592 AD from Gaur due to the change of course of the river Ganga and further the population being decimated by some epidemic in 1575 AD.

Jami Masjid, Rajmahal

The Mosque, locally called as Jami Masjid is consisted of a large prayer hall to the west, a spacious courtyard enclosed by a high compound wall with arched recesses on its inner-side, and it has three gateways on the north, south and …

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तपोवन पहाड़ एवं गुफाएँ, देवघर (Tapovan Hills & Caves) – Deoghar

Tapovan Hills are located 10km from the Deoghar Town. It is mainly famous for Tapo Nath Mahadev, the temple of Lord Shiva. It is named Tapovan because in the olden days it was a meditation spot (Tapobhumi) for the Nagas.

The site houses a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is popularly known as Taponath Mahadeva. Tourists can witness various caves on this hill, which served as a site for penance of Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari and Sage Valmiki. One of the prime attractions of the site is the cave, which has a Shivalingam enshrined in it.

Tapovan Shiv Temple - Deoghar

There is a cracked rock at Tapovan. In the inner surface of the crack, one can see a portrait of Hanuman. This is an amazing feat as it is practically impossible to insert a paint brush in the crack and draw anything. Below the hill there is a small cemented water body which is called Sukta Kunda (Sita Kunda) by the local people. It is a holy water body. It is said…

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बासुकीनाथ मंदिर, दुमका (Basukinath Temple) – Dumka

Temple Timings: 7.00 AM till 7.00 PM.

Basukinath is the Second most famous Temple in and around Deoghar. It is located in Dumka district of Jharkhand, on the Deoghar – Dumka state highway and is around 25 km north-west of  Dumka.

It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Basukinath Temple is the main attraction here and it serves as a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. It is said that Basukinath temple is the court of Baba Bhole Nath. In Basukinath Dham, Shiva and Parvati temple are just in-front of each other.

Basukinath Temple, Deoghar-Dumka Road

In the evening when gates of both the temples are opened then the devotees are suggested to move away from in-front of the gates as there is a belief that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati meet each other at this time. The temple is situated near the village of Jarmundi and presents an example of local art. This ancient temple houses many other small temple located in its campus area.

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त्रिकूट पर्वत, देवघर (Trikut Hills) – Deoghar

Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Trikut Pahar (Trikut Hill) is situated on the way to Dumka at Trikut Basdiha in Mohanpur Block of Deoghar District in Jharkhand state, India. 24 kms west of Deoghar, it is famous for its Hill Temples. It is believed that many sages have attained salvation on the top of these hills, known as TrikutIt is the source of the River Mayurakshi, which is a prime attraction here. Natures open beauty and esoteric religious practices are practiced.

Trikut Pahar is one of the most exciting tourist destination in Deoghar, where you can enjoy Trekking, Ropeway, Wildlife Adventures and a safe natural retreat. It is also a popular picnic spot and a place for Pilgrimage. In dense forest on the uphill lies the famous Trikutachal Mahadeva Temple and the hermitage of Sage Dayananda.

TrikuHills, Deoghar

Trikut Hills contain three peaks and the Highest Peak goes to the height of 2470 ft from the Sea Level and around about 1…

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नौलखा मंदिर, देवघर (Navlakha Temple) – Deoghar

2 kms from Deoghar, there are temples of Radha And Krishna here.This Balanand Brahamchari Ashram is a fine architectural monument for religious purposes. The construction was completed in the year 1940 under the patronage and watchful supervision of Rani Charushila Ghosh of the Pathuria Ghat Royal Family, Kolkata.

It is situated 1.5 k.m. away from Baba Baidyanath Temple. It is a nice visiting spot. This temple looks like the temple of Ramakrishna in Belur. Inside it there are idols of Radha – Krishna. Its height is 146 feet. The amount spent in construction of the temple was about Rupees Nine lakhs (9 lakhs). This amount was donated entirely by Queen Charushila Devi. At the early age she lost her husband Akshay Ghosh and son Jatindra Ghosh. Grieved by the deaths, she left her home and constructed the temple on the advice of Balananda Brahmachari, a saint whose idol is also enshrined in the temple.

Baidyanath - Dham tour would be incomplete wi…

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