सिमुलतला, जमुई (Simultala) – Jamui

Raja Bari, SImultala, Jamui

Simultala (Telwa Bazar) is a small town and a hill station in Jamui district of Bihar in India. Simultala is also known as Mini Shimla of Bihar. It is an undeveloped rural area, and a perfect place for tourists looking for a quiet place with a pleasant climate. The weather of Simultala is healthy and if you want to spend near the nature, Simultala is the best place to visit. In the past, people used to stay here for months. These days, tourist stay for many days only to enjoy the natural beauty of Simultala again. Simultala is also called mini Shimla of India.

Dulari Bhawan, Simultala, Jamui

It is an ideal spot for Night Sky Observation and Nature Study. It is still a virgin country with valleys. hillocks, brooks and rivulets.Here you get tranquility, solitude and peace seldom found else where. The sound of silence, the far bigger sky dotted with innumerable twinkling stars and the pristine settings makes one go back to the nostalgic past. 

There is not much of site seeing involved. This is a place where one goes for lazy walks mile after mile through forest and hillocks and come back refreshed. Drinking the water of the wells make one hungry even a few hours after a sumptuous meal. You only sit back with your favorite book or with your family or with your friends and friend’s friend and watch time go by. Visit here to get a refreshing weather anytime of the year. Local people are cozy in welcoming and food is cheap and best.

Vivekanand Seva Ashram, Simultala, Jamui

Look for the mammoth old buildings mostly deserted but great in style. Simultala is full of old big zamindar houses. Almost all the houses look great from the outside.

It is said famous stalwarts of past like Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat Chandra, Viceroy of British India, Queen of Dhaka and many more had their villas here. A legend of his times, the owner of the film company “New Theaters”, Calcutta, Shri B.N. Sarkar’s bungalow at Simultala comes before you reach the Simultala station. Simultala has a golden glorious story of its past and its testimony can be found in form of hundreds of villas that still stands on its soil. 

Simultala was a devine health resort of British era, its has a special significance in Bengali community. Other than this, Bengali’s consider this soil, water and air as sacred and believes that it has miraculous healing power; it can heal all their ill health. Influence of Bengali language and culture can be seen from sign boards of streets to dialects of people. They believe ‘Water of Simultala, is equal to Milk of Kolkata’  and for this they visit once a year for a weak or so. 

Places To See

Dharahra River, Simultala, Jamui

There are quite a few attractions in Simultala, also spelled as Shimultala or Simultalla. There’s an old palace inside the village. Besides, you can also go to the queen’s palace located on the outskirts of Simultala. Being located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, the place is full of undulating lands and hillocks. Among these, the Lattu Pahar is a popular one. You can go there and climb to the top of Lattu Pahar, Simultala, to get a view of the village from that height. Besides, you can also spend a day on a trip to the Dharara, which is basically a river basin. Though it remains dry through most parts of the year, if you are visiting the place in the rainy seasons, you are going to get it filled with water.

Lattu Pahar, Simultala, Jamui

Places To See

  • Haldi Jharna, (3 km from the city centre)
  • Leelabaran falls
  • Dharara River & Fall, Soikitia, (3 km from the city centre)
  • Lattu Pahar, (2 km fro the city centre)
  • Rajar Bari (Raja Kothi) / Palace of Naldanga, Also known as The Palace of the Queen of Dhaka
  • Lahiri Villa
  • Dulari Bhawan
  • Swami Vivekanand Sewa Asharam
  • Bangama, Madho Villa (1.5km from the city centre), ☎ 06349-256201,
  • Emambada,Telwa bazar 2.5 km away from simultala village

Where To Stay

Anya Resort

Anya Resort, Simultala

Only single and descent resort for family is Anya Resort in Simultala. Anya resort has Dormitory with 200 per bed.3 Bed room 1500 ,2 Bed room 1200.It has a swimming pool big lawn and Mango Orchid. Anya resort is bit costly compared to location .They can cook your food if you even buy from outside.Mutton they took 150 per kg .Food is delicious in Anya resort. If you are going to stay at Anya resort they will send auto for pickup.

Address: Telwa Road, Simultala- Kotaria Rd, Simultala, Bihar; Phone, +91 90060 89535; Website: anyaresort.in

Jasoda Bhaban

There is one more property called Jasoda Bhaban which is more of a villa than resort or hotel, but that could be second choice, #Jasoda Bhaban -9006813334. Room rent 700 per room.


Other than these two, Mukherjee Villa and Sindhu Estate, Aprajita lodge, Paul Orchards, Bihari Babu’s Bungalow are some are the staying options.

There are other old houses are there where people can stay longer with less pay. For that contact Jogi (Auto Driver) he can book for you .8969479054. These places you have to cook by yourself or you may get some help.

One of many abandoned Villa, Simultala

Food Options

No hotel and very less food options. So where you are staying have to get from there. Cooking yourself while in the bungalows in Simultala can be a good option. You can also ask the caretaker to help you with this process.  Near the station it’s good for breakfast with Kachori Jalebi, Chanar Murki, sandesh, Lengcha, White Rasgullas,

Best Time To Visit

October to March are the best time for visiting Simultala.

How To Reach

Simultala Railway Station

By Road

Simultala is 50 km from Devghar, 100 km from Bhagalpur, 200 km from Patna, 300 km from Ranchi and 350 km from Jamshedpur and Kolkata as well. There are picturesque place around to make the journey to Simultala a worthwhile experience.

By Train

Simultala is 348 km from Howrah. It is on the Howrah-Delhi mainline route. In the year 2013, railways have opened computerized reservation counter at Simultala. Simultala is a small station on the Delhi-Patna-Howrah Railway route around 19 kms from Jhajha (by train it takes around 25 minutes and it is better option than Jasidih), 25 kms from Jasidih (To go to Deoghar you have to get down at Jasidih – which is 6 kms from Jasidih). If you are coming from Kolkata first comes Madhupur (in Jharkhand), then Jasidih (Jasidih ) followed by Simultala (Bihar) and Jhajha (Bihar). However the distance between Madhupur and Simultala is quite far – 54 Km. The journey from Patna to Simultala is fascinating – with the beautiful landscape, deep valleys, serpent like roads.

Simultala Railway Station, Simultala, Jamui

Some of the trains which stop at Simultala are as follows.

  • 18622/18621 Hatia Patna Pataliputra Express,
  • 18183/18184 Tata Danapur Express,
  • 13007/13008 Howrah Sriganganagar Udyan Abha Toofan Express,
  • 13049/13050 Howrah Amritsar Express,
  • 18608/18607 Ranchi Baidyanathdham Express,
  • 13039/13040 Howrah Delhi Janata Express,
  • 13019/13020 Howrah Kathgodam Bagh Express,
  • 13131/13132 Kolkata Anandvihar Express,
  • 13123/13124 Sealdah Sitamarhi Express

By Air

Nearest Airports are Deoghar and Kolkata.

Local Travel

There are picturesque place around to make the journey to Simultala a worthwhile experience.To visit places around, auto rickshaw, hired car, cycle rickshaw and Tongas are available at the railways station. Regular auto rickshaw runs from Simulatla to Telwa bazar, which is a market place situated at 4 km from the Simultala railway station.


Things to Carry to Simultala

There is no electricity even in these days in Simultala. Some of the guest houses in Simultala offer generator services. However, it is always advisable to carry candles with you while going there. You will also have to face pitch-black darkness if you plan to go outside after sundown. Hence, you should carry a torch and if possible, extra batteries.

Stay Safe while in Simultala

You should also stay safe, as there had been reports of Naxalite activities in the area in the past. Try not to walk into lonely forests. Staying out during the evening should also be avoided.