काकंदी जैन मंदिर, जमुई (Kakandi/Kakan) Jain Temple – Jamui

Kakandi Temple is situated in a village called Kakan, 20 km north of Jamui railway station,19 kms from Kiul railway station and 120 kms from Patna. This is supposed to be the birth place of Suvidhinath, the 9th Tirthankara of Jains. The Jain temple is considered as a popular pilgrim centre of Jain religion.

Kakandi Jain Temple - Kakan, Jamui

Four Kalyanakas (Events of a Tirthankara’s life which are beneficent to the world) namely chayvan, birth, diksa and attainment of omniscience of Suvidhinath took place on this holy land. Bhagawan Suvidhinath is also called Puspadanta. Since this is the holy land of Bhagawan Suvidhinath, the ninth Tithankara of the present group of 24 Tirthankaras. Shri Suvidhinath Bhagwan seated in lotus Posture in white color and Foot-Prints of the deity in black color of length 18 Cms in a shrine in the town of Kakandi (Shve).

Kakandi Jain Temple - Kakan, Jamui

Three epigraphs in the Temple, The first  is &nbs…

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