मनसकामना नाथ मंदिर, भागलपुर (Manaskamna Nath Mandir) – Bhagalpur

Manaskamna Nath Mandir is an old temple located at Nathnagar area of Bhagalpur, Bihar. This is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Daily Aarti is organized two times. Once morning and once evening. Aarti is very beautiful and attractive. Idols of many god and goddess are present here. A big fair is organized here during Durga Puja.

Manaskamna Temple, Nathnagar, Bhagalpur

There is a temple of Goddess Mata Parvati in front of Shankar, Lord Shiva. It is said that in the Dwapar era, great warrior Daanvir Karna used to take bath in the Ganges and worship every day in this Shiva temple. After worshiping, used to donate the Gold.

Manasakamana Nath Temple is the center of religion and spirituality for the people of not only Nathnagar but the entire region. Both Asin and Chaiti Durga Puja is held here. This famous temple of Shiva is visited by lakhs of people during Shiva Ratri and Sawan month. The marriage ceremony of the lagna is…

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