मसानजोर डैम, दुमका (Massanjore Dam) – Dumka

Massanjore Dam, popularly known as the Canada Dam, is constructed across the Mayurakshi river and is surrounded by forests and hills. It was constructed in 1955. The dam is 34.4 m high and 609.6 m long. Around 50,000 acres of agrarian land is irrigated with the help of water coming from this dam. The dam was constructed with the motive to generate hydroelectric power.

Massanjore Dam - Dumka

The reservoir has an area of 67.4 square kilometres when full and has a storage capacity of 620,000,000 cubic metres. The length of the overflow section is 225.60 m and is controlled by 21 bays, each 9.144 m wide. The design discharge is 4.446 cumecs. The full revervoir level is 121.34 m and the flood level is 122.56 m. It cost Rs. 16.10 crore.

It is on the Suri-Dumka road, about 24 km from Dumka in Jharkhand, and about 45 km from Suri in West Bengal. Buses ply on this road. Hill climbing or swimming is pretty much enjoyable. The broad river, mountains…

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