नंदलाल बोस (Nandlal Bose)

Born in Bhagalpur, Bihar on December 1882, Nandlal Bose rose to become one of modern India's most important artists. A product of GCAC, Bose was mentored by Havell and Abanindranath. His integrity and intent idealism were reflected as well as widened with his nationalistic consciousness, his commitment for classical and folk art, along with its underlying spirituality and symbolism, and a responsibility towards shaping the self-consciousness, choices and moral virtues of the people. The early philosophical inspirations came from Havell, Coomaraswamy and Sister Nivedita, while his interactions with the Japanese painters in Calcutta influenced him to realize the significance of the artistic heritage. The Indian renaissance formed the full vision of the magnificent yet ruined past in Abanindranath Tagore. Though it was pervaded with western realism, its nostalgic milieu asserted more of the national and Pan-Asian culture than the topical issues. After this advent, therefore, an i…
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