पिरपहाड़, मुंगेर (Pirpahar – Dariapur – Munger

Pirpahar is a hill, it derived its name from a Mohammadan Saint, also known as Pir. On the top of the hill, there are situated 3 tombs. There are many beautiful inscriptions are present on the rocks, which is dedicated to Marry Anne Backett, who was an English composer.

Dariapur is about 6 km of the Munghyr Town. It has a hill called Pir Pahar on the name of an old Mohammedan saint, from the top of which offers an excellent view of Monghyr and its surroundings. There is a grave of this saint on the hilltop,whose name is no longer remembered, though devotees occasionally come to worship at his grave, now in  ruins.  There are two old tombs side by side at the foot of the hill. On one of them has an inscription to the memory of one Mary Anne Beckett, who died in 1832, while the other has a damaged inscription showing, till a few years ago, that it is in memory of a person named Only; the portion containing the name has now disappeared.The former…

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मुंगेर (Munger/Monghyr)

Munger – The Details Munger or Monghyr [both: mung´gir] is situated on the bank of Ganges River. It is a district administrative center and a grain market. The city has one of India's largest cigarette factories and a firearms industry that dates back to the 18th cent. Munger is famous for its goldsmiths and silversmiths. HISTORY The little town has nothing to show today for its long history except a Mughal fort and a temple, but it was once the capital of the ancient Anga kingdom. The British conquered Bihar in the battle of Buxar, which is nearby. According to tradition the city was founded during the Gupta dynasty (c.320–545 B.C.). The Muslim leader Mir Kasim Ali used Munger as a base during his war against the British in 1764. The history of Monghyr is, in fact, a chronology of battles. It begins with the Mahabharata that records the encounter of Bhim with the ruler of Modagiri (Monghyr's ancient name as mentioned in the Mahabharata) and concludes with the defeat o…
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