सुल्तानगंज (Sultanganj/Jahngira)

Sultanganj is a town in Bhagalpur district of Bihar, 109 km away from Babadham and has a railway station, of the same name on the loop-line of the Eastern Railway running from Calcutta to Kiul. It is situated close to the river Ganges.

An excellent all-weather road connecting Bhagalpur with Monghyr and Patna also serves it. It has a cosmopolitan population of about eleven thousand persons. It is a flourishing business place and there are a number of schools and colleges.



During the rule of the Mauryas, Guptas and Palas many works of art and architecture were raised at Sultanganj. The area has yielded ancient relics like stupas, seals, coins, terracotta and Hindu and Buddha images. Many carvings can still be seen in the Sultanganj hills. A number of small images along with a copper image of Lord Buddha about seven feet high were excavated here.…

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