जोहान पार्सन्स की कब्र, मुंगेर (The Cemetery – Johan Parsons Grave) – Munger

The cemetery towards Sita kund has the grave of Baptist Missionary Johan Parsons and it is mentioned on grave that he had made the Hindi translation of THE NEW TESTAMENT. This received Persons was born at Loporton, Sommerset (England).The inscription of the grave, thus, indicates that it was probably Persons and not A.Leslie who made the first hindi translation of new Testament which is in the use.

The cemetery has also the grave of Hershchell Dear born at Dobrz-you (Russian Poland) who spent most of his life at Munger. He died in October 1887 at Mussoorie, his remains were brought and buried at Munger. Dear was famous for his charities for the different institutions existing at that time.This cemetery has also the grave of major General charles Murray.Born in Landon in 1827 he had served the Gwalior Campaign (1843-44), Punjab Campaign (1848-49), Battle of Chaianianwala , Kohat Expedition Insurrection of 1857 and Bhutan wars. Charles Murray was a resident in Munger from 1871 till his death in Munger in 1893 both Mr. Dear and Murray contributed largely to the development of Munger and some of the existing residential quarters in the fort area remind us of there name and contributions.