राजमहल के पर्यटन स्थल, साहिबगंज (Tourist Places in Rajmahal) – Sahibganj

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The Sangi Dalan
Built on river bank, is a part of the palace of shah shuja, son of Shah Jehan. was built in 1556 to enable emperor Akbar to pray.

Jami Masjid
It was built by Raja maan Singh in a combination of the Imperial and Bengal styles. There are number of other monuments in town.

Other tourist attractions

Teliagarhi Fort, It was built by family of Teli Zamindar before Islamic rule in the region. Teliagarhi is also called ‘Ancient Gateway of Bengal’.
The Jami Mosque, built in reign of Emperor Akbar at Mangalhat
Baradari, build by Fateh Jung khan, a wealthy zamindar of Bengal. Half of the structure was bombed by Mughal governor, Man Singh.
Akbari Mosque built in 1556 by Mughal governor, Man Singh I
Palace of Shah Shuja, consists Singhi Dalan, a marble pavilion facing the river Ganges
Palace of Mīr Qasīm, Nawab of Bengal.
Tomb of Maina-Bibi, built in 1779. Historian H.M Qureshi has identified the tomb with Munni Begum, who was a Begum of the harem of Nawab Mir Jaffer of Bengal
Tomb of Miran, son of Mir Jafar, Nawab of Bengal
Neel Kothi, built by British
Taksal of Jagat Seth, notable banker of Bengal
Kanhaiyasthan, It is believed that the place was visited by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Shivgadi, a cave temple of Hindu god, Shiva
Bhognadih, the place where Santhal Rebellion initiated, a monument is also erected on the place and every year Shaheed Mela is organised
Moti Jharna waterfalls
Udhwa Bird Sanctuary

●Best time to visit:
August to February.

●How can I go to Rajmahal?
The nearest rail head is Rajmahal/ Tinpahar Jn. One have to catch a train to reach Tinpahar Jn from any part of India and from there one can reach Rajmahal via train or reserved car (reserve charge for small car is ₹2500-₹3000 and for Auto is ₹1000-₹1200).

●Hotel fare of Rajmahal-
There are limited hotels to stay at Tinpahar which costs between 600-2000 as per your choice.
# Vinod Lodge- 9546444379

●Fooding of this tour-
per meal INR 60+

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