उधवा झील पक्षी अभ्यारण्य, राजमहल, साहिबगंज (Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary) – Rajmahal, Sahibganj

Udhwa is named after saint Uddhava of Mahabharat times, a friend of God Krishna and philosopher of Sankhya Yoga (Samkhya). It is believed that Udhwa was the place of Saint Uddhava.

Udhwa is located at 24.969278°N 87.856278°E.

Udhwa has an area of 320 hectares (790 acres).


According to the 2011 Census of India, Udhua had a total population of 13,139, of which 6,719 (51%) were males and 6,420 (49%) were females. Population in the age range 0–6 years was 2,744. The total number of literate persons in Udhua was 5,382 (51.77% of the population over 6 years).

Civic administration
CD block HQ
Headquarters of the Udhwa CD block is at Udhwa village.

Udhwa Bird Sanctuary
Udhwa Bird Sanctuary, spreading in 5.65 square kilometers is the only bird sanctuary of Jharkhand state.This avian habitat comprises two backwater lakes over river Ganges (Ganga) namely Patauda and Berhale. Migratory birds reach here every winter from several parts of the World, including Siberia and Europe. The main birds include the pratincole, egret, wagtail, plover, lapwing, stork, ibis and heron.

Location : Rajmahal Hills

Best Time to Visit : October and June

Specialty : Mynas, Brahminy Kite, Fishing Eagle, Hose Swift and Palm Swift flying

The Pataura and Berhale lakes, is home to a variety of birds. The concentration is that of different mynas, besides brahminy kite, fishing eagles, hose swift and palm swift flying at dizzying speed.

Paradise-fly catcher is another great attraction when it flies, the tail goes wavy, adding to its beauty.