चंडी स्थान, मुंगेर (Chandi Asthan / Chandika Sthan Shakti Peeth – Munger

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Chandisthana is one of the famous Hindu temples of Munger. It is known as popular Sakti Peetha. 51 major Shakti peethas are situated in all over in India, Chandisthana is one of them. The temple is dedicated to the Mata Chandi. Chandi is another name of Durga Mata. The temple was built on this site too based on the left eye of Devi Sati’s fell in. Navaratri is the major festival of this site. During this time the temple collects a huge number of visitors.

Chandi Asthan, close to the Ganga and very close to it on the eastern side in the Samashan or cremation site, is just 2 one kilometer away from the Munger town.

It is traditionally believed that left eye of the Sati fell at Munger,which subsequently developed into a place of worship of the Divine Mother Chandi.This spot, with the shrine thereon, is mentioned as Vikrama Chandi, which is, but a hole in a rock sacred to Chandi, the Gramadevata (the village deity) of the place and covered by a small building of brick. Among the different shakti piths Chandi Asthan is famous for the cure of eye troubles. Another legend connected with Chandi Asthan is regarding Raja Karna. He used to sacrifice himself by plunging in hot boiling oil in the karah. Mother Chand pleased by his devotional sacrifice used to make him alive as well as give him gold worth his weight.Which he donated among poors of the area. This is called Karan chaura.

During the 10 days of Durga Puja , Sannyasis and Tantriks come here from Kamakhya to perform their Tantric Siddhis. It is still a place where goats are sacrificed on every Tuesday.
According to Jayaswal Research Institute Archaeological Explorations this site  belongs to Early medieval period.