भीमबंध गर्म कुण्ड, मुंगेर (Bhimbandh Hot Springs) – Munger

Bhimbandh Hot Spring, Munger

Timings: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Soak in the beauty of the Kharagpur hills aroundSpriteTake a relaxing natural hot sulphur bath at Tatal PaniSpriteEnjoy water from natural springs and organic food

Bhimband is situated in the south-west of Munger district in Bihar. The sanctuary is spread across an area of 682 sq km and comprises of undulating topography. Here, you can find a unique amalgamation of hills, plains and plateau region blanketed by a thick forest cover and some incredible hot springs. The forests here are famous for hot water springs which are said to contain traces of radio active. The hot springs here seem to have a constant temperature throughout the year and attract a lot of tourists. Of significance is the historical legend behind this wildlife sanctuary.

Bhimbandh Hot Spring, Munger

Dating back to the time of Mahabharata, it is believed that the Pandavas set up their ‘disguised’ temporary shelters here …

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बबुआ घाट, मुंगेर (Babua Ghat) – Munger

बाबुआ घाट मुंगेर जिले में घूमने वाली मुख्य जगह है। यह घाट गंगा नदी के किनारे बना हुआ है। यह घाट बहुत ही सुव्यवस्थित ढंग से बना हुआ है। मुंगेर में बहुत सारे घाट बने हैं। मगर सबसे सुंदर घाट बाबुआ घाट है। आप यहां पर आकर अपना अच्छा समय बिता सकते हैं। यहां पर आपको गंगा नदी का बहुत सुंदर दृश्य देखने के लिए मिल जाता है। आप यहां पर नौकायान का मजा ले सकते हैं। यहां पर आपको सूर्यास्त का बहुत सुंदर दृश्य देखने के लिए मिलता है। यहां पर पास ही में आपको दक्षिणेश्वर काली जी का मंदिर देखने के लिए मिलता है, जो बहुत सुंदर है।

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मुंगेर संग्रहालय (Munger Museum)

Munger Museum is one of the top and best destinations for family and friends in the field of Art museum, Art gallery and Art category in Munger. It is Also known as Art museum, Art gallery and Art category and much more. Here you can find location, address, phone number, contact number, contact details, reviews and ratings, images of Munger Museum, Munger.

Munger Museum placed in Munger Fort, Munger, Bihar 811201, and Munger Museum took a good position in the art gallery category in Munger. If you live in Munger or some where near to Munger than this will be a good and easy destination for you.

Munger Sangrahalay

Munger Museum is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually from the museum's own collection. It is privately owned and accessible to everyone or subject to restrictions. Although art museums are primarily concerned with the visual arts, they are often used as a venue for other cultural exchanges and artistic activities…

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इंडोर स्टेडियम, मुंगेर (Indoor Stadium-cum-Auditorium) – Munger

Chief minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the newly-constructed indoor stadium-cum-auditorium and museum each entailing an expenditure of Rs 3.5 crore inside the fort area on Thursday 23 May, 2013 noon during his ‘Seva Yatra’ of the district. The Chief Minister was the first one to write in the guest book.

The museum has housed several prehistoric  idols and artifacts. It has housed several ancient idols of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, besides a large number of gods and goddesses. The history of Munger  is on display. The display also shows the various battle fought at Munger  by the Indian nationalist rulers including Mir Qasim and others during the British rule.

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शितला मंदिर, मुंगेर (Shitla Temple) – Munger

This Shitla temple is situated at Neem Talla, Nearby Police Station of Munger. Its One of the oldest and well known temple of the city. Although due to limited land area, not so spacious but renovated from time to time. Local residents have strong religious belief in this temple and the goddess. Sheetal in English means cool, And goddess is believed to shower blessings of coolness and calmness in the life of the devotees praying and visiting here. Local residents visit here to worship during Navratri, Sheetla Astmi, and other festive occasions.

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बड़ी दुर्गा माँ मंदिर, मुंगेर (Badi Durga Maa Temple – Munger

This temple is situated in shadipur Munger, as per years since started it is numbered as First. And hence worshiped as Badi Durga Maa. During dussehra huge crowd visit here for worship and darshan, not only from munger but from different parts of bihar and other states as well. Every year during navratri (Ashwin Navratri) Durssehra time in this temple goddess is worshiped. This idol also take part in famous dussehra visarjan possesion leading at front most, its carried on shoulders of 32 kahars and supported by other members of badi durga organisations.

This place was Serene and Clean. While the exterior facade shows Intricate hindu carvings in The Pillars and The walls Interior is a Huge empty hall with a space where The Idol sits in the months of Dussehra. (Hindi month: Ashwin). There are two entry/exit spaces that surround this place and this makes Flow of public easy. This place is Known for fulfilling wishes of all the people and has grown remarkab…

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जय प्रकाश उद्यान, मुंगेर (Jai Prakash Udyan – Company Garden – Munger

Company Garden Munger (Park) is located in Munger, Bihar, India. Nearby area or landmark is Munger Fort.

It's a good place for walking and jogging. Every one can come and spend some valuable time here and may enjoy the beauty of greenery, view of Yog-ashrama also known as the Karna vihar.

Here's also a pond were people can sit and take beautiful view of this garden.

It's a small place but good for those who love greenery and nature. Beside this garden is a mango Bagan. Munger biggest ground Polo is also near this garden.

Earlier it was named Jaiprakash udyan, many animals were also kept here like zoo up to 1990. Now It is a big park along with children park with respect to city. Huge rush can be seen in the morning everyday. Surrounded nearby Ganga river and Polo ground and Bihar school of Yoga inside the historical fort area.

It has a tree house also but you can't get in. You have to pay rs5…

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दमन कोह झरना, मुंगेर (Daman Koh Waterfall – Munger

Daman Koh Cold Waterfall,Kharagpur' is Located about 40 km from Munger and 60 km from Bhagalpur.

Daman Koh village comes under Kharagpur taluk in Munger district of Bihar. Pincode of the village is 811213.

The total land area of Daman Koh is around 1632 hectares (4032.75 acres). which consists of a total household of around 48. the nearest village to Daman Koh is Kharagpur (7 km)

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मलनीपहार, मुंगेर (Malnipahar) – Munger

A hill in the Kharagpur subdivision, situated in the Kharagpur Hills about seven miles north-east of Bhimbandh. There are several springs, known as Janam Kund, at the bottom of the hill, which form the source of the Anjan River. One spring, which issues at all seasons of the year directly from a crevice in the rock, is apparently that of which the temperature was tested by Buchanan in 1811. Mr.V.H.Jackson, making tests at different seasons, has found that its temperature varies from 147.2` to 149`.

A second series of springs, the existence of which was suspected by Buchanan, was discovered in 1912. These occur along the bed of the Anjan for about 150 yards, at a quarter of a mile from the source. Their highest temperature yet observed is 140.

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हाहा पंच कुमारी, मुंगेर (Haha Panch Kumari – Kharagpur Waterfall

Haha Panchkumari is an alluring waterfall above the Kharagpur dam. As per the legendary tales, the king of Kharagpur was imprisoned in Delhi and so his five daughters took refuge in Kharagpur Hills. It is the westeen side of Rameshwar kund. It is a waterfall coming from the hills with straight drop. The natural scenery is beautiful. This fall is named after the five girls of Hindu Raja of Kharagpur whose daughters committed suicide by jumping from the hill top to escape capture by the Muslim invaders. Since then the springs have been named as Panchkumari which reminds of the five princesses who resided here. From

Kharagpur, tourists can hire a boat and can enjoy the coolness and beauty of the springs.

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बैप्टिस्ट मिशन, मुंगेर (Baptist Mission – Munger

The Baptist Mission at Munger was established in 1860. This place is also famous for the tomb of Andrew Leslie, who is a Baptist missionary and he came to India for translating the new Hindi Testament.

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गुरुद्वारा पक्की सांगत, मुंगेर (Gurudwara Pakki Sangat – Piparpanti – Munger

Gurudwara at Piparpanti is an important destination for the Sikh community. There is a beautiful temple is situated on Piparapanti road, which is dedicated to the 9th Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur Singh. After few years this temple was converted into a gurudwara. This place is highly known as an important pilgrim centre of Sikh religion.

Gurudwara Pakki Sangat, Munger

It is believed that the father of Guru Govind Singh, Sri Teg Bahadur jee, the 9th Guru, in route to his journey to Assam to settle a dispute, had chosen to stay, at Munger in a temple on the Piparpanti road just opposite the Dak-Bungalow for a few days on Magh 1724 Vikrami. It was during his stay here that he got the news of the birth of Guru Gobind Singh. Raja Ram Singh was selected by Aurangzeb during his 10th year of his rule to lead a contingent of army to Assam, had met Guru Teg Bahadur at Munger. He requested the Guru Teg Bahadur to accompany him to Assam and he agreed to go there a…

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उच्चेश्वरनाथ मंदिर, मुंगेर (Ucheswar Nath Temple – Munger

The Ucheswar Nath temple is situated in Munger district. This temple is mainly used for the tribal marriage. 

Ucheshwarnath Temple is located in the Kharagpur region and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a famous place where Lord Shiva is worshiped. This place holds special significance for the Santhal tribe living here as a folk fair is held here in which Santhal boys and girls are married according to the tribal tradition.

No one has any clear information about who and when this temple was established. But this temple is unique with its natural beauty. People climb the iron ladder till the temple. A three-day fair is held here on Shivratri. It is believed that during the Mahabharata period, when the Pandavas were on their exile, they stayed here with Kunti for several days. Then Arjuna did severe penance for Uchcheshwar Nath, being pleased, Uchcheshwar Nath gave Arjuna a bow, from which he was called an archer.

During th…

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मनपत्थर, मुंगेर (Manpathar – Sita Charan – Munger

Manpathar is one of the renowned rocks which is close to Kastaharni Ghat in Munger district. Manpathar is popularly known as Sita Charan. On this rock one can find the impression of two feet believed to be the foot prints of Sita who had touched the rock while crossing Ganga. The rock is 250 m in length and 30 m in width. A small temple is present there and this place symbolizes eternal faith

This temple is considered as one of the ancient holy temples of Hindu.

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चंडी स्थान, मुंगेर (Chandi Asthan / Chandika Sthan Shakti Peeth – Munger

Chandisthana is one of the famous Hindu temples of Munger. It is known as popular Sakti Peetha. 51 major Shakti peethas are situated in all over in India, Chandisthana is one of them. The temple is dedicated to the Mata Chandi. Chandi is another name of Durga Mata. The temple was built on this site too based on the left eye of Devi Sati’s fell in. Navaratri is the major festival of this site. During this time the temple collects a huge number of visitors.

Chandi Asthan, close to the Ganga and very close to it on the eastern side in the Samashan or cremation site, is just 2 one kilometer away from the Munger town.

It is traditionally believed that left eye of the Sati fell at Munger,which subsequently developed into a place of worship of the Divine Mother Chandi.This spot, with the shrine thereon, is mentioned as Vikrama Chandi, which is, but a hole in a rock sacred to Chandi, the Gramadevata (the village deity) of the place and covered by …

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कष्टहरणी घाट, मुंगेर (Kashtaharni Ghat) – Munger

Kashtaharni Ghat is a holy place of Munger district. It is said that once upon a time Lord Ram and Mata Sita bathed at this site while returning to Ajodhya from Mithila, after that this place becomes a holy place. This place is also famous as pilgrim centre for Hindu religion. The word Kastaharni meaning the bathing place which expels all pain. Manpathar is a very popular place, which situated near the Ghat.

The Ganges river that flows in front of Munger is Uttar Vahini for which it has got great importance.There is a cluster of six temple. It is believed that in the 16th century A.D, a Hindu sage, named Mudgal Muni, appeared in the city and established two shrines, one at a rock at Kashtaharini Ghat. It is said that Lord Rama has rested here with his Consort Sita after crossing the stream on their way back from the encounter with Taraka, the demoness. The relaxation they had, gave rise to the name of Kashtaharini Ghat stands. It is believed that – One …

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श्री कृष्णा वाटिका, मुंगेर (Shri Krishna Vatika) – Munger

Shri Krishna Vatika is famous for its charming nature. It is situated near the Kashtaharni Ghat. The sight seen of this place attracts many visitors. Mainly local people come here every day to spend their time with their family. It is one of the best relaxing places in this district. It derived its name from Dr Shri Krishna Singh, who was the first chief minister of Bihar. This beautiful place surrounded by a wonderful garden. The grave of Gul and Bahara is present inside the garden. There are two tunnels in the Krishna Vatika and efforts have been made in the past to pass through the tunnels but in vain as it proved to be life threatening. 

अंग्रेजी काल में यह पार्क ली गार्डन के नाम से जाना जाता था। आजादी के बाद बिहार के प्रथम मुख्यमंत्री श्रीकृष्ण सिंह के नाम पर इस पार्क का नामकरण किया गया। यहां से गंगा का मनोरम दृश्य दिखायी पड़ता है। 

श्रीकृष्ण वाटिका पार्क में राजा मीर कासिम की सुरंग और उनके दो संता…

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मुल्ला मोहम्मद सईद की कब्र, मुंगेर (Mullah Mohammad Sayyid Grave) – Dilawarpur – Munger

This is situated on the top of the bastion at the southwest of the fort. The Mulla was a Persian poet and had come to India from Mazandaran near the Caspian Sea, during the reign of the Emperor Aurangzeb, who employed him as a tutor to his daughter Zebunnisa Begum. He was a poet of repute and enjoyed the favours of Prince Azim-us-shan, Aurangzeb’s grandson. The poet died at Munger in 1704 on his way to Mecca and was buried there. His grave is within the fort. The Mullah died in 1704 A.D. and his tomb existed, till the early years of the 20th Century, when it was demolished and the grave removed. This information is based on the District Gazetteer. But it is seen that Buchanan, who visited Munger hardly hundred year after the Mullah’s death, says nothing of him, nor does Hunter mention him in his Statistical Account of the district.

The quarter known as Dilawarpur contains the residence of a leading Muhammadan family known as the shah family. It traces b…

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शाह सुज़ा महल, मुंगेर (Palace of Shah Suja) – Munger

The Munger fort building occupies as one of the finest sites inside the fort and has now been converted into a Jail. Though locally known as the palace of the Mughal Prince Shuja. It is inferred to have been built earlier by Nawab Mir Qasim Ali, who also ruled from Munger. 

The building is enclosed by a high wall on three sides and by the river on the fourth or west side. It consists mainly of a Khas Mahal or Zenana Palace (now used as “the under trial ward”), the Diwane-I-Am or Public Audience Hall (now used as a school for prisoners), and the Top-Khana or Armory with 10′ – 15′ thick walls (now used as the dormitory). 

There was also once a small mosque on the west side of the palace, now in ruins, but used as ration godowns. 

An interesting feature noted below the floor of the mosque is a dry well or pit of 10–12 feet (3.0–3.7 m) depth, which leads to several underground tunnels running in different directions.&nb…

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पीर शाह नफाह दरगाह, मुंगेर (Pir Shah Nafah Shrine) – Munger

In the present fort area the oldest building inside the fort is a sacred Muhammadan shrine. It is said that it was a mazar of a Pir or Saint whose name is still unknown. He is said to have traveled from Persia to Ajmer and from there came down to Munger under the instructions from Khwaza Moin-Uddin Chisti- the famous Sufi Saint and Lived at Munger for many years and also died here in 596 A.H, corresponding to 1177 A.D. He was buried in an obscure place near the ramparts and with the lapse of years exact burial place was forgotten. Ultimately, in 1497 A.D. when the ramparts of the fort being repaired by the Governor, Prince Danyal, who ordered a mosque to be built over that place.So since 1497 the particular place has been known as the Dargah of Shah Nafah.

Over the gateway there is an inscription set up by Prince Danyal and a round the Shrine are many old tombs in a dilapidated state. There is a popular tradition that Prince danyal got a divine dream abou…

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