पीर शाह नफाह दरगाह, मुंगेर (Pir Shah Nafah Shrine) – Munger

In the present fort area the oldest building inside the fort is a sacred Muhammadan shrine. It is said that it was a mazar of a Pir or Saint whose name is still unknown. He is said to have traveled from Persia to Ajmer and from there came down to Munger under the instructions from Khwaza Moin-Uddin Chisti- the famous Sufi Saint and Lived at Munger for many years and also died here in 596 A.H, corresponding to 1177 A.D. He was buried in an obscure place near the ramparts and with the lapse of years exact burial place was forgotten. Ultimately, in 1497 A.D. when the ramparts of the fort being repaired by the Governor, Prince Danyal, who ordered a mosque to be built over that place.So since 1497 the particular place has been known as the Dargah of Shah Nafah.

Over the gateway there is an inscription set up by Prince Danyal and a round the Shrine are many old tombs in a dilapidated state. There is a popular tradition that Prince danyal got a divine dream about the exact location of the Dargah of Shah Nafah. A hint was given to him that the Dargah existed where the earth gave out the fragrance of Nafah (Kasturi).

Tomb of Pir Shah Nafah

The building is raised inside the southern gate of the fort on the top of a small mound, about 25 ft high, which represents the ruins of some Buddhist structure. The building of the tomb consists of a domed tomb chamber with a prayer room or mosque and a shrine, are to be seen embedded in the low platform to the south of the tomb, and disfigured with unsightly holes or depressions made by those who believed in their efficacy to cure certain diseases of children.

Every year 1st January here a Jalsa (Musical program) arranged by the authority of this mosque and collects huge numbers of visitors.

There is an inscription on the entrance of the Dargah which speaks:
“Bari Aalee Teri Sarkar Hai Nafah-Shah;
Mashaa-Allah Sakhi Darbar Hai Nafah-Shah.’