शाह शुजा का महल, राजमहल (Palace of Shah Suja) – Rajmahal

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The Palace of Shah Suja, who was the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan, is located in Rajmahal and most of its structure is in the form of ruins only. Singhi Dalan, which offers the most spectacular view of the Ganges, continues to be the most important structure in Rajmahal and the only well maintained part of Shah Shuja’s palace complex.

In the palace ruins we can still see three large rooms that are open on all sides, which give us an idea of the past grandeur of the palace.

Singhi Dalan, the remaining portion of Shah Suja’s Palace, Rajmahal

The central chamber is the most interesting and has black marble arches that are supported on 12-sided pillars and covered with a vaulted roof.

Adjacent to the Sangi Dalan, is the Rajmahal police station built on top of a large hall, which has a very interesting history. It is said that mounted horsemen hid in this hall and when given a  signal, would race through its arched halls and rooms to descend as if by magic, on their unwary enemies.

Breathtaking View of Ganges from Shah Suja’s Palace, Rajmahal

Close to the Sangi Dalan, one can see a large well earlier used by the railways for pumping water for their engines. It has also been said that when Shah Shuja was defeated by Aurangzeb’s Army in 1660, the ladies of the harem threw all their jewelry into the well.