कामख्या मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Kamakhya Temple) – Purnea

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This is one of the most popular temples and is similar to the Kamrup Kamakhya Mandir in Guwahati though the one in Purnia is considered to be older. Devotees throng the temple from all parts of the state and is an important temple here. The temple is four hundred years old.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

Kamakhya Temple is located at the border of three villages namely – Rahua, Majra and Bhabanipur in the Purnia district. The village Kritanand Nagar is known as Kamakhya Sthan. The Mother seated here is in the form of “Kshem-karni”.

The importance of this temple is such that people from far and wide come here. This temple was built during the Mughal period. There are many legends behind this temple.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

As per one legend, it is believed that leprosy patients are treated here by the grace of Goddess. Especially leprosy patients definitely reach here. It is believed that by the grace of the mother, their sufferings are removed.

It is also said about this temple that from the Kamrup Kamakhya temple in Assam, the mother had come to this temple to shower blessings on her devotees.

It is said that there were two girls named Sundari and Shyama. Mother had reached here to protect them from the Mughals. There is also a temple of these two girls in the temple of Mata. Devotees from far and wide reach here to have darshan of the mother.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

According to the story which has been going on for many years about this temple, because of two daughters, a poor Brahmin was worshiping the mother for a long time under the burden of debt. In such a situation, the mother was pleased and gave a relic at a distance of about one kilometer from the house and asked to install it and worship it.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

How to Reach

It is only 14 km from the district headquarter Purnea.


The nearest airports are Bagdogra Airport and Patna Airport.


Purnia has its own Railway Station.


Roadways, especially national highways connect Purnia with other major cities of India.