शहीद स्मारक, पूर्णिया (Shaheed Smarak / Town Hall) – Purnea

Shaheed Smarak / Town Hall, Purnea

The Shaheed Smarak is one of the major attractions in Purnea City. The names of 56 Martyrs have been inscribed on this.

This place was earlier constructed as Victoria Memorial Town Hall during British era, which later got changed into Shaheed Smarak.

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बाबा वरुणेश्वर धाम, बड़हरा, पूर्णिया (Baba Varuneshwar Dham, Barhara) – Purnea

Baba Varuneshwar Dham, Barhara, Purnea

This temple is situated near on the banks of Varuna river under Barhara Kothi prakhand. This is a very beautiful and glorious temple of famous Baba Barmeshwar and one of the most famous religious place for Hindus.

Visitors make a point to visit this temple upon their visits to Barhara Kothi.


Baba Varuneshwar Dham, Barhara, Purnea Baba Varuneshwar Dham, Barhara, Purnea
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स्वराज आश्रम / गाँधी सर्किट, पूर्णिया (Swaraj Ashram / Gandhi Circuit) – Purnea

Swaraj Ashram also known as Gandhi Circuit. This is situated in Tikapatti under Rupauli prakhand.

Swaraj Ashram, Purnea

It is said that it was established by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1931. Its holds a very special place in the history books as Mahatma Gandhi had address people from this place on 10th April, 1931 during his visit here.

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धरहरा, पूर्णिया (Dharhara) – Purnea

Dharhara is a small village in the Purnia district and is located 19 miles to the south of Raniganj. It is locally popular as the place where the mythological Hiranya Kans attempted to kill his son Prahlada to punish him for his devotion to Lord Vishnu. Famous Prahlad stambh & narsingh bhagwan mandir are situated here.

narsingh bhagwan mandir dwar, dharhara

The village also consists of a monolith called maniktdham which is made of red granite of such fine texture that it looks similar to sandstone. The pillar is now inclined at an angle of 65 degrees due to the influence of the elements.

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कच्चूदह झील, किशनगंज, पूर्णिया (Kachuudah Lake, Kishanganj) – Purnea

This beautiful natural lake is located 40 km from Kishanganj. It is home to hundreds of migratory birds that make it their temporary home. Recently the Tourism Department, Government of Bihar, sanctioned money for the beautification and development of the area around the lake for promoting local tourism.

Kachuudah Lake, Kishanganj

The specialty of this lake, which encompasses the limitless possibilities of tourism, is that there is an island in the middle of this lake spread all around.

A large number of migratory birds start arriving here from the month of November itself. Tourist birds come here and after breeding in four months give children here and leave here in March.

This place has also been named as Gateway of Himalayas.The Kachhudah site is located only at a distance of six kilometers from the city of Thakurganj.

The view becomes even more picturesque when the birds are roaming in the lake.

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कामख्या मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Kamakhya Temple) – Purnea

This is one of the most popular temples and is similar to the Kamrup Kamakhya Mandir in Guwahati though the one in Purnia is considered to be older. Devotees throng the temple from all parts of the state and is an important temple here. The temple is four hundred years old.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

Kamakhya Temple is located at the border of three villages namely - Rahua, Majra and Bhabanipur in the Purnia district. The village Kritanand Nagar is known as Kamakhya Sthan. The Mother seated here is in the form of "Kshem-karni".

The importance of this temple is such that people from far and wide come here. This temple was built during the Mughal period. There are many legends behind this temple.

Kamakhya Temple, Purnea

As per one legend, it is believed that leprosy patients are treated here by the grace of Goddess. Especially leprosy patients definitely reach here. It is believed that by the grace of the mother, their sufferings are removed…

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पंचमुखी मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Panchmukhi Temple) – Purnea

Panchmukhi Mandir is located right in the middle of the city. Panchmukhi temple is one of the best temple of Purnia, Bihar.

Panchmukhi Temple, Purnea

There are statues of 5 gods kept here and one can orbit them (parikrama). Every Saturday and Tuesday temple is decorated and is crowded because these days are specially dedicated to Lord Hanuman. These two days parshad distribution takes place.

The time of Aarti is 7:00 PM.

This is an ancient and beautifully constructed temple. Along with this, you also get to see Lord Shiva. The reason for its name being panchmukhi is that it has got 5 statues.there is a chariot (ratha) of arjuna on the top of the temple.the temple is red in colour.

Panchmukhi Temple, Purnea

Every hindu festival are celebrated with very high energy and great enthusiasm by all devotees. Especially Hanuman janti and Ram Navami.

This comes on the way to the in-line market, situated between Girj…

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बागनगर, पूर्णिया (Bagnagar)- Purnea

Until recently the small village in Purnia namely Bagnagar was not known to anybody.

The sooner Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team found out some old coins here below an earthen cave it attained its historic importance. Purnia visitors ensure to visit here during their trips.

Bagnagar is a Village in Jokihat Block in Araria District of Bihar State, India. It belongs to Purnia Division . It is located 15 KM towards South from District head quarters Araria. 13 KM from Jokihat. 285 KM from State capital Patna

How To Reach By Road

Araria is the Nearest Town to Bagnagar. Araria is 14 km from Bagnagar. Road connectivity is there from Araria to Bagnagar.

By Rail

Kusiargaon Rail Way Station , Jalalgarh Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Bagnagar. Also you can consider railway Stations from Near By town Araria. Araria Court Rail Way Station , Arariya Rail Way Station are the railway Statio…

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बंदरझूला, पूर्णिया (Bandarjhula) – Purnea

Located nearby Nepal border at approximately 39 km in neighboring district headquarters city of Kishanganj, the Bandarjhula village was one of the many usual villages until an excavation by Archaeological Department found Vishnu deity’s black marble idol.

A school in Bandarjhula, Kishanganj

The Vishnu idol is said to be an ‘Image of Kanhaiya’ as locals believed and is considered to belong from centuries ago.

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ठाकुरगंज, पूर्णिया (Thakurganj)- Purnea

It is located 46 KM towards North from District head quarters Kishanganj.

This place is named after Bhima of Mahabharat and is an important place of interest from ancient history. Famous border city Thakurganj is located at a place where it was believed that the great hero of Mahabharata, Bhim had arrived and lived here during the 14th year of exile and was working as a cook (Thakur) in the then local king Raja Birat’s palace.

Thakurganj, Purnea

Pandava had stayed at this place during their one year incognito exile. Local tradition still speaks of the struggle and the conquest of the Kiratas and a Kirata Woman from the Morang or Tarai is said to have been the wife of Raja Birat, who, it is said in Mahabharata that gave shelter to Yudhisthira and his four Pandava brothers during their 12 years of exile.

There is a Kheer Samudra Sthal in Dudhmanjar under Patesari Panchayat. Where it is said that Arjuna, the beloved of Lord Krishna …

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काझा कोठी, पूर्णिया (Kajha Kothi) – Purnea

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

There is a British era park in Kajha village, just 12 km from the district headquarters, which the world knows as Kajha Kothi. This park located in Kajha village was renamed as Shastri Park. The reason for this is that the house of Bhola Paswan Shastri, who was the Chief Minister for three seasons in Bihar, is close to this Kothi.

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

It is said that Kajha Kothi, which is considered to be the heritage of Purnia, is a history in itself. While staying near the circuit house, the British used to train the villagers in indigo cultivation.

There is a circuit house in this park, which was built in the then British Empire. Special arrangements were made to stay in that circuit house on the arrival of the English officers. Indira Gandhi has come and rested in this historic circuit house of Kajha Kothi.

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

Which today is called Kajha Kothi, during the British era it was called 'Ni…

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राणी सती मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Rani Sati Mandir) – Purnea

Located in the Kasba area of Purnia district the famous local temple namely Rani Saati Mandir is situated at a distance of about 12 km from Purnia district headquarters, and is famous in entire Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan including Purnia and it welcomes visitors from various other parts of the region during festival time.

Rani Sati Mandir, Purnea

This temple is about 60 years old and believed to be graced by Maa Sati. The construction of this temple was completed on 14 November 1968 with Murti Pran Pratishtha. The first temple of Rani Sati was established 400 years ago in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Maa sati Mahotsav is celebrated every year and many Purohits and Pandits come from different part of country for Puja Archana.

Rani Sati Mandir, Purnea

Later on, a residential school was established in this temple complex in 1978, which has prepared many intellectuals from the entire area including Kasba who ar…

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काठ पुल, पूर्णिया (Kaath Pool) – Purnea

This bridge is the only bridge in the country which is made up of wood and is about 300 years old. It was built during the British rule.

Kath Pool, Purnea

The famous wooden bridge or Kaath Pool on the Purnia – Khuskibagh Natinal Highway – 31 is worth visiting place. It exists since the road was built centuries ago and still remains functional. It has now become a major tourist destination for the Purnia visitors.

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भट्टा दुर्गाबाड़ी, पूर्णिया (Bhatta Durgabari)- Purnea

One of the prominent temples in the Purnia city’s famous Bhatta Bazaar area, Bhatta Durgabari welcomes ample rush during the special festive time and particularly when Hindu festivals are organized.

Bhatta Durgabari, Purnea

This temple welcomes devotees almost every day but the special occasions are more noticeable here when various programs are organized. As its name suggests, the Durgabari is known for Durga Puja festival.

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रामकृष्ण मठ / रामकृष्ण आश्रम, पूर्णिया (Ramakrishna Math / Ramakrishna Ashram) – Purnea

The city is especially famous for the Ramakrishna Mission which follows the principles of Vedanta movement, spreading its beliefs on spirituality and education.

Ramakrishna Math, Purnea

The Ramakrishna Ashram was established in 1927 with an attempt to provide relief to patients suffering from plague and Malaria in the Katihar-Purnia-Araria region.

Ramakrishna Math Purnea came into existence by the merger of Ramakrishna Ashrama Purnea in to The Ramakrishna Math Belur on 14-01-2020.

Ramakrishna Math, Purnea

Ramakrishna Ashrama Purnea was started in 1927 by Swami Mahadevanandaji Maharaj (a disciple of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi) who was helped by Swami Anupamanandaji Maharaj (a disciple of Srimat Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj) from very beginning who were running the Ashrama on their own with the help of devotees in same pattern of the Belur Math.

Ramakrishna Math, Purnea

The first Basanti Durga Puja was performed by Revered Ram…

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महाबीर मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Mahabir Temple) – Purnea

Located at a distance of approximately 50 kilometers from the district headquarters Purnia at Baisi area, Mahabir Temple remains into limelight for being special in the region. This temple is visited by the locals every day. A priest has been appointed to perform the daily worships in the Mahabir Temple. The priest also guides visiting worshippers to perform special pujas in the temple.

Mahabir Temple, Baisi - Purnea

The temple upkeep and overall maintenance is under the guidance of local body members. As the National Highway 31 crosses through Basi and Mahabir Temple is located just nearby the highway, good number of outsiders and travelers do worship in this temple.

How to Reach

As Mahabir Temple is located in the Baisi main road at the National Highway crossing, one can travel to this place from the district headquarters Purnia at a distance of less than 50 kilometers. Visitors arriving from the opposite directions can pass equal dis…

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माँ काली मंदिर/ कालीबाड़ी, पूर्णिया (Maa Kali Temple/ City Kali Bari) – Purnea

Maa Kali Mandir, Purnea

Famous Maa Kali Mandir of Purnia city in Bihar is one of the landmarks in the city. Although it is not a big temple and is located in a small piece of land but due to its prime location in city, Maa Kali Mandir is easily accessible by the devotees. This temple is 80-90 years old on the bank of Saura river.

Maa Kali Mandir, Purnea

This temple dedicates to the deity Maa Kali which is a symbol of power and mankind’s support. People keep visiting this temple everyday throughout the year but ample rush is seen during the festive time when special annual Kali Puja is organized.

This temple is entirely devoted to Maa Kali and is believed to be powerful by the local people. This temple is situated close to the famous Maa Puran Devi Mandir.

Besides this temple, other notable temples nearby it are Mata Mandir in Adampur area and Kamakya Mandir is worth visiting places.

How to Reach

This temple is located at a d…

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पूर्णिया (Purnea/Purnia)

Purnia is the biggest city in the north-eastern part of the state. Bihar, The word ‘Purnia’ translates to ‘full jungle’, ‘Purna’ means ‘full’ and ‘Aranya’ means ‘forest’ in the dialect of Sanskrit. Purnia is a sought-after tourist destination. It is also believed that Purnea received its name from a very old puran mata teample.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, Purnea

Purnia District is one of the thirty-eight districts of the Indian state of Bihar. The city of Purnia is the administrative headquarters of this district. The city of Purnia has continued its tradition of hoisting the national flag at 12:07 am on every Independence Day since 1947. Purnia district is a part of Purnia Division. The district extends northwards from the Ganges river. Purnia is the unofficial capital of Seemanchal due to its financial and educational importance. Three districts were partitioned off from Purnia district: Katihar in 1976, Araria and Kishanganj in 1990. Purnia district has four …

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पूरण देवी माँ का मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Puran Devi Maa Temple) – Purnea

Puran Devi Maa Temple, Purnea

A place of religious interest, this temple is dedicated to Puran Devi Maa. This temple is situated about 5 kilometers from Purnea city. Puran Devi is a form of fierce Kali Goddess. She takes the form of nine different Goddesses. The idol is adorned with beautiful jewelry and traditional Indian saris. The Shiv Ling present here is also worshiped by devotees.

Maa Puran Devi Temple, Purnea

This 600 years old temple is the oldest one of the city. She is considered as the deity of the city, because of her name. The inner chambers of the temple hold elephant tasks, linked to the story of the formation of the temple.

Some historians believes that a Nawab named Shaukat Ali gave 4 -5 acre of land in donation which shows Hindu Muslim brotherhood among each other.

The history of the establishment of Puran Devi temple is associated with the old yogi and tantrik Baba Hathinath and his stories. It is said that Baba Hath…

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फॉरबिसगंज, पूर्णिया (Forbesganj)- Purnea


A famous commercial place, this town holds importance in terms of its placement. This small town is located at a mere 12 kms from Biratnagar, the second biggest city in Nepal.

The city was given its present name from its British district collector and municipal commissioner, Alexander John Forbes (1807-1869). A.J. Forbes was a military adventurer and had taken part in the adventures of Northwest India. He was also in the team of Commissioner George Yule of Bhagalpur while fighting the rebels of 73rd native infantry. A.J. Forbes founded the Sultanpur estate and a number of indigo factories situated at different places in this district.

Sultan Pokhar, Forbesganj

After independence, to give the town a more Indian oriented way, it was renamed as Forbesganj. The town is architecturally well defined and planned and British influence and relics still remain in many buildings and places.

The remains of the British premises can b…

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मनिहारी, पूर्णिया (Manihari) – Purnea

Previously known as Maniharan, this village holds an essential place in Hindu mythology. It is said that Lord Krishna, while travelling through these parts, had lost a valuable here. In Sanskrit, ‘Mani’ means jewel. Hence, the name stayed. Situated on the banks of the River Ganga, this place is famous for Manihari Ghat, a beautiful picnic spot.

Manihari Ghat, Purnea

Manihari is a town and an informed region in Katihar area in the Indian province of Bihar. It has a normal height of 31 meters 101 feet. This place is outstanding for the Manihari ghat, which interfaces it to Sahibganj, which is additionally arranged on the bank of the River Ganges. The town is situated on the banks of the stream Ganges where it meets the waterway Koshi, accordingly making the town inclined to flooding each year. Manihari is a little border town between the conditions of Bihar and Jharkhand. Sahebganj is the area town of Jharkhand which is 9 km from Manihari.

Manihari G…
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