पूरण देवी माँ का मंदिर, पूर्णिया (Puran Devi Maa Temple) – Purnea

Puran Devi Maa Temple, Purnea

A place of religious interest, this temple is dedicated to Puran Devi Maa. This temple is situated about 5 kilometers from Purnea city. Puran Devi is a form of fierce Kali Goddess. She takes the form of nine different Goddesses. The idol is adorned with beautiful jewelry and traditional Indian saris. The Shiv Ling present here is also worshiped by devotees.

Maa Puran Devi Temple, Purnea

This 600 years old temple is the oldest one of the city. She is considered as the deity of the city, because of her name. The inner chambers of the temple hold elephant tasks, linked to the story of the formation of the temple.

Some historians believes that a Nawab named Shaukat Ali gave 4 -5 acre of land in donation which shows Hindu Muslim brotherhood among each other.

The history of the establishment of Puran Devi temple is associated with the old yogi and tantrik Baba Hathinath and his stories. It is said that Baba Hathinath was a great Yogi and Siddha who had once removed an elephant from his path by grabbing its teeth with the left hand. Baba Hathinath’s conch is still present in the temple.

Shankh of Hathi Baba, Maa Puran Devi Temple, Purnea

Baba Hathinath’s conch is still present in the temple. Seeing this huge number, it can be estimated that how difficult it would have been to play it. It has been kept in the temple. No one else touches it except the priest.

According to the belief, Purna Devi temple of Purnia is believed to be related to the faith of ten Mahavidyas. This temple has existed since the Mughal period. It is said that the idol of the mother had appeared on its own from the pond behind this temple.

Puran Devi Maa Temple, Purnea

A long time back, hundred goats were beheaded here in the name of sacrifice to please the Goddess. The festivals of Durga Pooja and Diwali are celebrated with a lot of pomp and fanfare.