मनिहारी, पूर्णिया (Manihari) – Purnea

Previously known as Maniharan, this village holds an essential place in Hindu mythology. It is said that Lord Krishna, while travelling through these parts, had lost a valuable here. In Sanskrit, ‘Mani’ means jewel. Hence, the name stayed. Situated on the banks of the River Ganga, this place is famous for Manihari Ghat, a beautiful picnic spot.

Manihari Ghat, Purnea

Manihari is a town and an informed region in Katihar area in the Indian province of Bihar. It has a normal height of 31 meters 101 feet. This place is outstanding for the Manihari ghat, which interfaces it to Sahibganj, which is additionally arranged on the bank of the River Ganges. The town is situated on the banks of the stream Ganges where it meets the waterway Koshi, accordingly making the town inclined to flooding each year. Manihari is a little border town between the conditions of Bihar and Jharkhand. Sahebganj is the area town of Jharkhand which is 9 km from Manihari.

Manihari Ghat, Purnea

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar flagged off the primary traveler prepare on the recently changed over Broad check BG segment of Katihar-Manihari in Katihar division of North-East Frontier Railway NFR at Katihar station. There are couple of neighborhood trains which keep running amongst Manihari and Katihar. The topography of Manihari is extraordinary. The stream Ganges i.e. Ganga streams eastbound up to Manihari and takes a southward turn after Manihari. In this way, Manihari is known as the purpose of River Ganges’ sharp twist driving its eastbound water stream to swing to southward water stream.

Manihari Ghat, Purnea

Before the Farakka Barrage over the Ganges was developed, individuals heading off to the Darjeeling Hills or North Bengal from Kolkata, used to movement by expansive measure prepare to Sakrigali Ghat and after that cross the Ganges by steamer. On the opposite side of the waterway at Manihari Ghat, they used to take a meter check prepare to Siliguri. When Farakka Barrage wound up operational in 1975 the flood has a wide check rail line on it, this course ended up excess. There still is a ship benefit connecting Manihari Ghat with Sahebganj.

Manihari Ghat, Purnea

Due to heavy monsoons, the town is drenched and almost flooded every year due to heavy water flow in the river.

The demand to build a bridge between Manihari and Sahebganj on this river has been going on for decades, so that the distance between Sahebganj and Manihari will be reduced, where it takes about an hour to go from L-City, while it is estimated that It will take half the time to build the bridge!

Notable places to see here are the annual fair during full moon, Maharishi Mehi Ashram, Gogabill lake, Peer Mazar, etc.

You can also come here by private vehicle, bus, rail, tempo. To come here, you have to come to Katihar Junction railway station, where there is train movement from all corners of India, after that you have to reach Manihari by train or any passenger train at 25 km. You have to go towards South, just you will reach Manihari!

And yes, when you come to Manihari, you must see Pir Pahar and Gogabeel Lake along with the Ganges River because both of these are also suitable places for tourism!