साहिबगंज (Sahibganj)

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Sahebganj (also known as Sahibganj) is a scenic town and a port city with the serene Ganga and sturdy hills in the Sahibganj subdivision of the Sahebganj district of Jharkhand state, India. It serves as headquarters for Sahibganj District, Sahibganj subdivision and Sahibganj (community development block). It is located on the north-east of Jharkhand and situated on the banks of Ganges. 17th May is the Foundation Day of the District, when Rajmahal and Pakur subdivisions of old Santhal Pargana district were carved out to form Sahibganj district.

Sahibganj means a place (ganj) of masters (sahebs or sahibs). The place is likely to have been given its name because a number of English and other European people lived and worked in and around the railway station during the British Raj.


The history of Sahibganj town centers mainly on the history of Rajmahal and Teliagarhi Fort. There is evidence that the area is inhabited since time immemorial only by Malers (Mal Paharia). They were the early settlers of the territory of Rajmahal hills, who still reside in some areas of the same hills. They are considered to be the “Malli” mentioned in the notes of Megasthenes, Greek Ambassador of Selukus Nikater, who happened to be in the vicinity of the Rajmahal hills in 302 BC. Till the visit of Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang in 645 AD, the history of this area was wrapped in obscurity. In his travelogue, the pilgrim mentions the Fort of Teliagarhi (on the present rail route, near Mirzachauki Railway Station), seeing the lofty bricks and stone tower not far from the Ganges. Information is gathered through the pages of history that it was a Buddhist Vihar.

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Sahebganj is located at 25.25°N 87.65°E. It has an average elevation of 16 metres (52 feet).

Sahibganj has an area of 4.25 square kilometres (1.64 sq mi).


Sahibganj Junction railway station is situated on the Sahibganj Loop of Eastern Railway.

The Government of India is building a bridge (^4 )across the river Ganges which will connect Sahibganj to Manihari in Bihar. This bridge will connect Jharkhand and South India to North Eastern India and will reduce transportation costs of essential minerals.

A multi modal transport hub combining rail, road and water is also being built here as part of the government’s effort to develop National Waterway 1, i.e. the Gangetic stretch between Haldia to Allahabad.

Tourist Attractions in Sahibganj

  • Moti Jharna
  • Kanhaiyastahn (Near Mangalhat on way to Rajmahal)
  • Teliagarhi Fort
  • Ganga Vihar Park at the footsteps of Rajmahal hills
  • Shivgadi dham, Barhait
  • Maa Binduvasini Mandir, Barharwa
  • Raksi asthan,
  • Baysi asthan near sahibganj Bijli Ghat
  • Udhwa Jheel, Udhwa (Barharwa)
  • Hool Karanti Sthal, Panchkthia
  • Rajmahal hills
  • St.Mary’s Church
  • Baghwa Kuan
  • River Ganga
  • Sahibganj park
  • Rajmahal fort