मां पगली दुर्गा मंदिर, राजमहल (Ma Pagli Durga Temple) – Rajmahal

शहर से करीब चार किलोमीटर दूर गुनिहारी पंचायत के गदागंज (मंडई) स्थित पगली दुर्गा मां का मंदिर भक्तों के लिए आस्था का केंद्र है। मंदिर का इतिहास करीब 260 साल पुराना है।

Ma Pagli Durga Temple - Mandai, Rajmahal

उस समय इस गांव की आबादी काफी घनी थी । यह मंडी के नाम से जाना जाता था। एक बार ऐसा हुआ कि गांव में लोग अचानक घातक बीमारी की चपेट में आने लगे । एक के बाद एक कई लोगों की मौत होने लगी। लोग गांव छोड़ने का मन बना चुके थे। हालांकि अचानक रात में गांव के ही एक व्यक्ति को मां ने सपने में कहा कि उक्त स्थान पर मेरी पूजा के लिए बेदी बनाओ और हमारी पूजा धूमधाम से करो । तभी तुम लोगों की बीमारी दूर होगी। दूसरे दिन उस व्यक्ति ने गांव के लोगों को इस संबंध में बताया । ग्रामीणों ने मिलकर मां की बेदी बनाकर पूजा अर्चना शुरू की । इससे बीमारी से ग्रामीणों को छुटकारा मिलने लगा। तब से अब तक मां की अनावृत पूजा की जाती है।

Pagli Durga Temple, Mandai, Rajmahal

दुर्गा पूजा के नवमी तिथि पर पड़ती है सैकड़ों बली: दुर्गा पूजा की नवमी तिथि पर प्रत्येक वर…

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राजमहल की पहाड़ियां, साहिबगंज (Rajmahal Hills) – Sahibganj

The Rajmahal Hills are located in the Santhal Pargana division of Jharkhand, India. They were located on the northern margin of the Gondwana supercontinent, and its hills are today inhabited by the Sauria Paharia people whilst its valleys are dominated by the Santhal people. The hills span over an area of 2,600 km2 (1,000 sq mi).

Volcanic activity during the Jurassic resulted in the formation of the Rajmahal Traps. The hills are approximately located at 25°N 87°ECoordinates: 25°N 87°E.

The Rajmahal hills are named after the town of Rajmahal which lies in the eastern Jharkhand. The hills trend north-south with an average elevation of 200–300 m (660–980 ft), from the Sahibganj district to the Dumka district. The River Ganges wanders around the hills changing the direction of flow from east to south.

Francis Buchanan-Hamilton travelled through the Rajmahal hills in the early 19th century. He described the hills that seemed impenetrable …

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साहिबगंज (Sahibganj)

Sahebganj (also known as Sahibganj) is a scenic town and a port city with the serene Ganga and sturdy hills in the Sahibganj subdivision of the Sahebganj district of Jharkhand state, India. It serves as headquarters for Sahibganj District, Sahibganj subdivision and Sahibganj (community development block). It is located on the north-east of Jharkhand and situated on the banks of Ganges. 17th May is the Foundation Day of the District, when Rajmahal and Pakur subdivisions of old Santhal Pargana district were carved out to form Sahibganj district.

Sahibganj means a place (ganj) of masters (sahebs or sahibs). The place is likely to have been given its name because a number of English and other European people lived and worked in and around the railway station during the British Raj.

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बंदिनी (Bandini)

The screenplay of the film was written by Nabendu Ghosh, who had previously Bimal Roy films,Devdas (1955), and Sujata (1959). It was based on story Tamasi by Jarasandha, pen name of Charu Chandra Chakrabarti, a former jail superintendent who wrote many stories based on his career as a jailor in Northern Bengal, including many fictional versions of his experiences, Louha-Kapat (1953), Tamasha (1958),Nyaydanda (1961), effective creating a new genre in Bengali literature of prison stories. The principal photography of the film, took place at Mohan Studios in Mumbai, with some parts in Naini Central Jail, Yerwada Central Jail and Bhagalpur Central Jail, and the climax scene on banks of Ganges River at Sahibganj, Directed by Bimal Roy Produced by Bimal Roy Written by Nabendu Ghosh(screenplay) Paul Mahendra (dialogue) Based on Tamasi by Jarasandha Starring Nutan Ashok Kumar Dharmendra Music by Sachin Dev Burman Shailendra(lyrics) Gulzar (lyrics) Cinematography Ka…
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राजमहल, साहिबगंज (Rajmahal/Akbarnagar) – Sahibganj

Rajmahal is small sub divisional town in the Sahebganj districtof Jharkhand. The Rajmahal hills, which are geographically significant because they are the north east boundary of Daccan Plateau, are named after this place. The Holy river Ganga passes by the town of Rajmahal. The place is more significant because it is this place where the river Ganga while meandering thru Rajmahal hills takes turn from eastward flow to southward and then it enters into West Bengal. 

Rajmahal is situated on the west bank of the Ganges and located in the hills known as daman-i-khoh during the Muslim rule. The hill runs north south for 193 km from Sahibganj of Santal Pargana to Rampurhat Railway Station of Dumka. 

Local people say that the shankh of King Bhagirath stopped second time here in this place which marks the start of old age (vridhhavastha) of Ganga. (Balyavastha at Gangotri, yuvavastha at Haridwar).

The earlier name of the place was Agmahl. Man Singh, on his return f…

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